Precision Mold Accessories

Shengqi’s products are widely used in precision plastic molds, metal stamping molds, die-casting molds, precision tooling and precision automatic mechanical parts, and provide customers with all-round solutions for precision parts processing.

Mold accessories are widely used in various manufacturing and processing industries. Here are some common application areas of mold accessories:

Plastic Injection Molds: Used to manufacture plastic products such as household appliances parts, automotive components, toys, packaging containers, etc.

Die Casting Molds: Used to produce metal products like automotive parts, industrial components, electronic device casings, etc.

Extrusion Molds: Employed in the extrusion of plastic or rubber products like pipes, profiles, seals, etc.

Rubber Molds: Used in the manufacturing of rubber products such as seals, rubber pads, rubber sleeves, etc.

Glass Molds: Utilized in the production of glass products like glass bottles, glassware, etc.

Foundry Molds: Applied in metal casting for materials like cast iron, aluminum alloys, brass, etc.

Powder Metallurgy Molds: Used to produce powder metallurgy parts like gears, bearings, etc.

Rubber and Plastic Composite Molds: Employed for molding rubber and plastic composites like gaskets, seals, etc.

Electronic Industry Molds: Used to manufacture electronic equipment casings, connectors, wires, etc.

Medical Device Molds: Employed in the production of medical equipment, instruments, prosthetics, etc.

Rapid Prototyping Molds: Used for rapid manufacturing of prototypes and small batch products.

Injection Mold Repair and Maintenance: Utilized to repair and maintain existing injection molds, extending their lifespan.

In summary, mold accessories are widely used in various industries, playing a crucial role in achieving efficient, precise, and large-scale production. Whether manufacturing large machinery components or tiny precision parts, mold accessories are essential in modern industrial production.

Shengqi Precision Mould Fittings Co, Ltd. is an enterprise that provides professional processing technical solutions and precision component for precision mould.