Common Classifications of Mold Accessories

Shengqi Precision Mould Fittings Co, Ltd. is an enterprise that provides professional processing technical solutions and precision component for precision mould.Let me introduce you to the mold accessories can be divided into multiple categories according to their functions and uses.

Mold accessories can be categorized into various types based on their functions and purposes. Below are common classifications of mold accessories:

Shengqi Mold Core and Cavity Components:

Mold Core: Used to form the internal space and specific shapes of the product.

Mold Cavity: Used to form the external shape of the product.

Mold Base Components:

Upper Mold Plate (Top Mold): Supports the top part of the mold, often connected to the upper clamp plate.

Lower Mold Plate (Bottom Mold): Supports the bottom part of the mold, usually connected to the lower clamp plate.

Guiding and Positioning Components:

Guide Pins: Used to guide and position the movement of the mold, ensuring precise alignment.

Guide Bushings: Installed on guide pins to reduce friction between mold components.

Ejection Components:

Ejector Pins: Used to push out the finished product or waste material from the gating system.

Ejector Rods: Paired with ejector pins to facilitate product ejection.

Clamping and Locking Components:

Clamping Plate: Used to fasten various mold parts together, ensuring mold stability during production.

Mold Locking System: Used to secure the upper and lower mold halves, keeping the mold closed during injection or casting.

Cooling System Components:

Cooling Channels: Used to circulate cooling water, controlling the mold temperature, and expediting the product forming process.

Venting System Components:

Venting Grooves: Used to release gases generated during the molding process, preventing air pockets or defects.

Nozzles and Nozzle Components:

Nozzle: Used to inject molten plastic or metal into the mold cavity.

Nozzle Tips (Nozzle Adapters): Connect the nozzle to the mold cavity, directing the molten material into the cavity.

Extrusion-Specific Components:

Screw: Used in extrusion machines to melt and push plastic materials into the mold.

Other Accessories:

Sprue Bushing: Used to mount the nozzle to the mold.

Hot Runner System: Used to control the temperature of the molten material, preventing premature solidification.


These are some common classifications of mold accessories. In reality, depending on different types of molds and specific applications, there may be more different types of components involved.